Traveling to Tbilisi? Here Is What You Should Know

Comprehensive Tbilisi Travel Tips for Visitors

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. It doubles up as the largest city in the country. According to the available statistics, the city has a population of close to 1.5 million people. The city has a rich cultural, religious, and political history that many people are unaware of. For example, different churches have their prayer places close to each other. Catholic, Muslim, The Orthodox and Jewish prayer locations are situated at a distance of 100 m away from each other. That shows the people who live in Georgia and specifically Tbilisi, are religiously tolerant.

There is always a thing or two to discover in the city. The things that can make you happy in this locality include impressive monuments, beautiful restaurants, bars, other places of interest. It has a rich culture, and the people are hospitable.

The language spoken in the region is Georgian. However, there are many people who understand basic Georgian to English translation. The currency used is called the Georgian Lari represented by the synonym GEL.

What you see above is the necessary information about Tbilisi. To travel there, you need to know more. Here is a complete guide:

How Do You Move Around Tbilisi Conveniently?

It is possible to take a walk and see the historical sites that are located in Tbilisi because they are near each other. However, there are other means to tour the city:

  • Metro

Tbilisi has two metro lines. The lines use travel cards that you have to purchase before you are allowed to travel. The travel card is obtained at a cost of GEL 2. Each trip using the metro is charged GEL 0.5. The price is not dependent on the distance traveled. The names of the metro stations are labeled in Georgian with an English translation. Station announcements are also made in the same language. The metro lines operate from 7 a.m. until midnight. When the card is no longer of use to you, return it for the reimbursement of the GEL 2 used to acquire it.

  • Minibus

It is named marshrutkas in Tbilisi. Unlike the metro lines, the minibuses do not have designated places to pick passengers. You need to stop one when it is moving in the direction off your destination. For simplicity, you need to know your route number so that you can stop the right minibus. The cost of every journey is GEL 0.8.

  • Bus

The Tbilisi buses are painted yellow and blue. They have route numbers to show where they are going. At the bus stops, you can tell which bus is going next by the display in the automated boards. The cost of a trip is GEL 0.5.

  • Taxi

This is another convenient way to tour the city. You pay between GEL 3 to GEL 4. For the taxis that are not metered, negotiate the price before you accept to be carried. You do not want surprises when you are already in the taxi.

Interesting Activities to Involve in While in Tbilisi

For those who love taking walks, there are scenic locations to view. You can walk along the Mtkvari River, which has a beautiful view. Rustaveli Avenue, which is the main street in the city, is a place where you can see the display of the modern and traditional culture of Tbilisi. When on Mtatsminda Mountain, you can view the whole city.

The lovers of social events are not left behind. Georgians are social people who love visitors. If you visit Tbilisi in October, you can have the opportunity to enjoy the Tbilisoba, a day dedicated to celebrating the city. Those who love wine have it in plenty when they visit Tbilisi. Moving through Tbilisi is safe as the Police provide security.

Do You Operate in Terms of Finances?

A unitary GEL is equivalent to $0.30. The city has many exchange bureaus which can help with the globally renowned currencies such as Dollar and Euro. Card payment is also accepted in most restaurants and shops.

There are many things to enjoy in Tbilisi. You need to have enough money for your travel and plan adequately. Enjoy Tbilisi!