French Language Program

Comparing years of classroom study to the current online French language programs, the online programs win hands-down. Following is a quick list of some of the many benefits of these programs over classroom lessons, private tutoring, books, and audio CDs. My personal favorite is Rocket French, so although some of the following benefits apply to several of the top programs, when I talk about specifics I am referring to Rocket French.

Price: Rocket French is currently just under $100, which is less than just one semester of a community college French program, or 2 – 3 hours of private tutoring. Since you’d need many semesters of college courses or multiple hours of private tutoring to learn what is in the Rocket French software, the cost of the software is ridiculously low.

Convenience: You can take classes whenever you want, as often as you want, and from wherever you have internet access. So, no more venturing out in the middle of winter, or having to arrange work schedules and babysitters to get to class. Rocket French is even iPod/MP3 compatible, so you can take lessons with you wherever you go.

Effectiveness: Online software blows the other methods away as far as effectiveness. Books alone are useless, and audio CDs alone are a close second to books. Classes at a college or private tutoring are good in that you can hear the language being spoken by a knowledgeable instructor, but it’s hard to practice by yourself between classes, so the effectiveness of the classes (and tutoring) go down since you’re often only studying one or two days per week. With online software you can use the “little and often” approach to firmly cement the lessons to memory, and to enjoy it more. A 20 minute lesson 5 days a week is much more effective than one or two one-hour classes each week.

Customizable: By this I mean that you can go at your own speed, and focus on the areas that either interest you the most or where you feel you need more practice. If you are traveling to France in a month and need to learn a lot NOW, you can do that with an online French language program, but with classes you are limited to the college’s schedule.

Start Immediately: There is no need to wait until the next college semester begins (which could be months from now) – you can begin learning five minutes from now with an online program.

Multi-media: Rocket French in particular offers a very full program that includes audio, games, quizzes, progress tracking, and more. This keeps learning fun, and the combination of the techniques ensures effectiveness.

Support: Rocket French offers a help section, learners forums, and the ability to email teachers. They also give you free upgrades whenever they create them, and you will have easy access to technical support should you need it.

Risk-Free: Rocket French offers a free six-day mini-course (see the box at the top right side of this page) so you can try out the software before buying it. That way you’ll know if you’re comfortable with the method of learning without worrying about the investment.

What follows is an article I wrote a while ago that talks more about French language programs, in case you would like to read more.

If you are in need of a new hobby, wanting to make your mark in Europe, in search of a few life skills or looking to allure the person of your dreams, you can do a lot worse than learning French.  For some frankly odd and quite untrue reason, French has been labeled the language of love.  I say untrue since the French prefer to call it the language of Molière, but I can certainly see why it has such a sexy image.  So can you learn this great new skill with a French language program?

I myself have studied French for a long time and I also study French literature, but not everybody has such a passion and many people have chosen to study other things.  So can a French language program help you to learn in your spare time and can it be as effective as the way in which I have learned French?

Since French is my specialist area, and since I have a profound love for French literature, it pains me to tell you that the programs available are simply great.  If only I had such a program when I was younger and I am certainly trying them with other languages,  too. They are really fun if you are not too academic and don’t require an IQ of several hundred.

All humans are naturally able to learn a language and thus a French language program is for everybody.  It is fun and interactive and can really be of great benefit to you if you are wishing to pick up a little bit of French.  By keeping it fun you will keep your passion alive and have a great time whilst improving your language skills.  This all seems very win-win to me so lets have a deeper look.

A good French language program is interactive and effective in teaching you how to understand and produce French.  Revising and reproducing the language is a very effective way of ensuring you retain what you are learning and making you able to recall it at any time.  This can mimic the way you make conversation and thus enrich your abilities with an authentic and natural tone.

A good French language program can be enjoyed at all stages and you will be able to pick it up whenever you like at your own convenience.  There are also many good programs online and these represent great value for money.  This area of study is rapidly improving and has reached a very advanced level.   Real experts are now developing language learning programs online and giving you the value of their wisdom.

If you are going to choose a French language program then I would suggest you make it as effective yet as enjoyable as possible. Failure to do this will result in failure to go the distance and stuttering doesn’t sound impressive to the natives.  It’s a great investment of a small amount of money, and these programs are a great way to spend just a few minutes a day for great results.