7 ways to reduce your charge, grow balance your budget for travel

I want to start a posts in this blog as sightseeing exercise. I need a sheet of paper and write down all charge: rent/mortgage, pay the bill, phone bill, car payment, cable TV bill, insurance, tuition and other charge. Please balancing again them.

Let’s rewrite all your spending. This is all something that you spend eating, watching a film, drinking, shopping and coffee from Starbucks, cigarettes, sports tickets, your daily meals and the same things. If you don’t know something, you will pay it, and follow your expenses in two week, see what has been spent and come back again.

In addition, you will receive, maybe a big money. I guess what will many your charge, you realize it. The financial profession called these “phantom” expenses. A dollar here and a dollar there adds up. Even a water bottle and a candy will make the major cost in year.

Most of people have many expenses, however we need cut it. But you perform, we can build tourism fund quickly. Here are some simple7 ways to reduce your charge, grow balance your budgetfor travel:

Decrease a coffee, wine, cigarettes and snack – Coffee is a daily cost that steal your bank account each day. That daily $ 6 USD per day, you will lose $ 180 USD per month and $ 2.160 USD a year.  Give up a coffee, switch from cappuccino to the standard brew, start drinking tea and brew your own cup. The same things, cigarettes, wine and snack will be reduce, you will have a big fund. The plentiful budget allows you can travel more destination.

Cooking for yourself and repair a house facility – to keep the food bill low, cook more often. I learned to cook at the university, and I save the food waste, a lunch for a dinner. Therefore, saving more money. You don’t need to be a super chef, you can cook a nutritious meal and fast. Cooking for yourself is cheaper than eating in restaurant. There are a million and one cooking sites that will teach you how to cook fast and healthy meals – perfect for people without much time. The same that you repair your house facility to save money for the repairmen.

Give up the car, ditch the landline and downgrade your phone – Car makes you pay a lot of costs such as: insurances, repairs and money for gas. Get rid of car and take a bus, subway or walk. It takes more time to use the public transportation. In return you have more time to relax and think about your plans in the future. I understand that may not be feasible for everyone, but be changed if you can. It will help you to save costs and improve your healthy.

Ditch the landline and downgrade your phone. You don’t need both a mobile phone and a landline. Leave it to reduce unnecessary costs. An iPhone for about $ 83 USD each month. Although, smartphones are handy device. But cheap phone don’t need any fancy applications will reduce the monthly phone bill by half. You may feel bored on the train for not being able to read the news to save extra $500 a year, allowing you to spend more than a few weeks in Europe or learn to snorkeling in Fiji.

Build a network on Couch

Surfing, sign up for newsletters of traveling – building on the Couch

Surfing network can help you familiarize yourself with friends and locals, get free accommodation when you travel. But if you’ve never used it before, you can’t get a lot of positive feedback. Before you go away, let’s register for Couch

Surfing, find a local meeting and attendance.

Nobody likes their clutter inbox, when registration mailing lists from the airline and travel companies. You will receive updated information on all sales in the last minute or special deals happen. I didn’t miss a round – trip ticket to Japan for $ 700 USD (normally $ 1.500 USD). If it isn’t known mailing list of American Airline

Get a new credit card and get a Charles Schwab account– Credit card of traveling offers you free money, free accommodation and free flights. After accumulating reward points for shopping at the usual card, you can redeem them for free travel in your trip. A credit card travel is a great weapon in the arsenal of the budget travelers. You’ll even earn a huge sign-bonuses when you get a new card. When these card used properly, it generate money. As soon as you decide to visit the word, get a credit card for traveling and begin earning points for your purchase date.

Charles Schwab Bank refund your ATM fees with this card, you will never pay an ATM fee again. For more on saving money when you bank read this article.

When you saving, your money can grow a little bit more. In the first trip, I opened an online saving account in order to prepare and I netted a few extra hundred USD. Interest rates are low these day, but you will still get 1-2%. Great online US bank include:

Purchase used and cut coupons – Use the website such as Amazon (Book deals and electronic); have many whole website and buy a sales at discount. Let’s get the coupon, groupon and loyalty cards all reduce your bill. The goal here is to be frugal and save more money and the coupon will help with that.

Buying a water bottle made of metal – plastic water bottle are not only harmful to the environment, they are also bad for your wallet. Fill the metal bottle with a water and this thing will help you to save $360 USD each year.

Reduce your daily charge, save more money, therefore save one to travel the world. I know many ways, I use it before my travel. This advice will save many million dollars, your travelers dream become true.