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The Fool shows a child or youth, while the Magician depicts an all powerful adept. Just as the Fool showed us the price of eternal innocence, so this Magician gives us the fearsomeness of taking on responsibility. If the Major Arcana represents the Fool’s journey, the Magician is the first thing the Fool encounters.

Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon - Lord of the Five Rings TCG

The impetuous male Dragon
Captivating, handsome, poised, you also have a high opinion of yourself. Your extreme assurance sometimes makes you exceedingly insufferable, pretentious and conceited. However, your belief in yourself will make you successful for you will face the challenge courageously and with fortitude. In relationships, you blaze through hearts and occasionally will stray, sometimes creating bad feelings without realizing it. However, you are caring when you love someone though you may come across as dictatorial and repressive. You need constant adulation and appreciation from your partner. For you, your partner is your prize, to be displayed at your arms.

The fire male Dragon
You are one spirited, captivating, extraordinary person. Your plans are impressive only to be surpassed by the way you execute them.

(Source: World of Fengshui)

The Dragon Personality

A person born in the year of the dragon will be full of zest for life. They can be generous, passionate, confident, independent, strong, energetic, impetuous, egotistical, selfish, opinionated, stubborn, eccentric, glamourous, whimsical, demanding, and unreasonable. Their passionate nature is said to bring them good health.

The Dragon person will rise to any challenge, and will defend and protect who and what they care about. Those born in the dragon year are said to wear the horns of destiny. A dragon person most likely will lead a complex life, and live life on their own terms.

The Chinese call the dragon the guardian of wealth and power, and dragon people will tend to have grandiose plans which, and tend to be strong enough to accomplish them. The dragon person is also full of style and flair, and will often have many admirers.

The Dragon has a strong temper and can be hard to stand against, yet is quick to forgive. One thing a Dragon generally is not, is cunning or guileful, and the dragon will prefer conflict to be straightforward and honest.

The Dragon values and will protect their family, even if they are aggravated with them at the time. A Dragon needs goals, projects, purpose in their life, and can become depressed and listless without some cause to fight for or project to work on. The Dragon is an extrovert, and will not let you down if they can help it. Dragons are lovers of nature, and will desire to travel a lot.

The Dragon will be less prone to depression than those born under the other signs. Dragons are honest and open, and their feelings are genuine and from the heart. Dragons are direct, motivated, and will inspire action in those around them.

It is said that the weather conditions when a Dragon is born will influence their life greatly. Being born during a storm will lead to a troubled and dangerous life, but one full of spectacular experiences. One born on a calm day, will lead a more protected life, and have a more amiable nature.

The male Dragon will be generous and will be unable to resist helping the needy or rescuing those in need, despite his grumbling. He will feel a sense of duty to all.

Fire Dragons

Fire reinforces many of the Dragon’s traits, making this Dragon the most aggressive, demanding, outgoing, rightous, and competitive of the Dragons.

The Fire Dragon is also rather impatient and has a quick temper. They can overgeneralize, jump to conclusions, be impossible to please, and be generally inconsiderate at times. Despite this, the Fire Dragon, bursting with energy, has a lot to offer.

This dragon will make an excellent leader, provided they do not let their ego get in the way. Unfortunately, this dragon tends to use more force than is necessary to achieve their goals. But despite the Fire Dragon’s faults, they are open and humane people with a deep concern for truth and justice.

This Dragon can accomplish truly great things, and could be an inspiration to others if they manage to curb their more negative traits, and seek balance with their strengths.

(Source: Ginkgo’s Chinese Zodiac )

Second Opinion of the Fire Dragons…

The most righteous, outgoing and competitive of all Dragons, the Fire Dragon will expect a lot from everyone. But while he may be demanding and aggressive, he is also blessed with enormous energy and has a lot to offer in return. The trouble is that he may go around with an air of superiority plus authority and make people fear or shy away from him. His leadership qualities are often marred by his desire to be treated like the Messiah. Fire matched with his forceful lunar sign will give him overzealous and dictatorial inclinations. He pushes too hard even where there is little resistance.

In reality, he is an open and humane person given to impartiality and uncovering the truth at all costs. His criticisms are objective and he has the power to arouse the masses with his vibrant personality. A natural empire builder, he will look toward the supreme order of things, with himself at the helm, of course.

Because the Fire Dragon is often enveloped by insatiable personal ambition, he is short-tempered, inconsiderate and unable to put up with anything less than perfection. He also overgeneralizes or jumps to conclusions, frequently lumping people into categories without allowing for or even perceiving their individual differences.

Nonetheless, here is a performer of the highest degree who could easily be a source of inspiration to his fellowman and a personality who will catch the public eye – when he learns to master his negative traits and communicate more humbly with others

(source: China Style)