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The Fool shows a child or youth, while the Magician depicts an all powerful adept. Just as the Fool showed us the price of eternal innocence, so this Magician gives us the fearsomeness of taking on responsibility. If the Major Arcana represents the Fool’s journey, the Magician is the first thing the Fool encounters.



by: 0ne

Deculture is the new moé!!

Lanka Lee - DECULTURE!!!

Kira ☆ Kira ☆- DECULTURE!!!

These days I seldom have time to write, much less watch anime. Yet, Macross Frontier 「マクロス フロンティア」is THE SERIES of this year that I have to follow. This is a series engineered to appeal to otakus across all generations – its made for otaku family viewing. Afterall, the etymology of the term “otaku” traces its way back to Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, the first TV series.

Fan Service

There is nothing about Macross Frontier that is not fan service – whether if it’s the story or concept designs. This new TV series bring Macross back to its 1980s roots, yet still making references to previous incarnations, such the various OVA spin-offs and Macross 7. In a nutshell, its a Bollywood-style anime less than choreographed mass dance. It’s a science-fiction romance musical with (mecha) action set against the backdrop of interspecies/galactic warfare.

For Macross Frontier, the producers have upped the Otaku-quotient by throwing in elements that will win fans from all gender and age-groups. Compared to the previous instalments of Macross, Frontier is the series that has the most concentrated fangirl appeal. It’s a buffet spread of characters that will appeal to all kind of fetishes:

We all know that Alto Saotome is supposed to be a bishonen, but Brera Stern takes the cupcake…

Brera Stern
Brera Stern

MAJ Brera Stern

He is the bishonen that’s easy for the fangirls to love and for the rest of us to loathe. You need one of this kind of characters that you love to hate for the right reason – the Char Aznable wannabe sunshades (and WTF, this thing holds the rank of MAJOR!!! I wonder how many d**ks did he suck to get to that promotion…), the hair, the poseur cool…and let’s not mention his blue eye shadow make-up, visible when he removes the shades. And what’s up with the ultra low neckline, with the slit down to ‘there’. It’s really really bad-taste gayboy fashion. But hey, the fujyoshis will love that like how the rest of us love Ikki Tousen and Tenjo Tenge. And hey, he pilots a maroon coloured variable fighter. DECULTURE!!!!

And the other kind of boy that will be turned into yaoi fodder – the ‘shota‘.

Luca Angelloni the shota

Luca Angelloni, the pasta shota who love to wear shorts

The forever rosy cheek, pink haired boy who always wear shorts is the shotaro for this series. I don’t think a shota ever appeared in any of the preceding makes of Macross. DECULTURE!!!!

And then there’s those characters who wear glasses:

Michael Blanc and Nanase Matsuura

Michael Blanc and Nanase Matsuura

There’s Michael Blanc, the guy who plays Maximilian Jenius (Max Sterling) in this series. And then there’s Nanase Matsuura, the meganekko (chick with glasses) with illegal-size tits. Why is it that all characters named Nanase always have amazingly huge tits. Both of them look like they are lifted from an eroge. DECULTURE!!!

Something like this could happen – depending on how you contextualise the situation.

Boy Love

Boy Love

Brotherly love.

And even greater fan(boy) service – GIGANTIC TITS. Yes, literally giant sized mammaries. YAKK DECULTURE!!!!

Gigantic Tits


You can even see the nipples.

Those pair of boobs belong to Zentradi (Meltrandi?) warrior Klan Klan.

Klan Klan

Klan Klan, the Zentradi/Meltrandi

But her appeal is greater than the size of those assets. In this series, Klan Klan is the mahou shojo (transforming magical girl), albeit a reverse one. Instead of transforming a sailor-suit fighter, Klan Klan transforms from an Amazonian Titan into a chibified nymph. The transformation process in this context is called ‘Micronisation’



Nudity is mandatory in transformation scenes.

I can’t imagine taking orders from a lolita…

Chibi Version Klan Klan

Chibi Klan Klan

But since Zentradi are deculturally otakus, many who might be lolicon (you’ll see that in a while)…I guess this works. DECULTURE!!!

This was one of the most YAKK DECULTURE (wtf?!!?!) moment – this was an episode written specially for fangirls – episode 11, in which Alto’s senpai from the theatrical academy dropped by for a visit. Yaoi Love scenes. Yaoi is love. DECULTURE!!!!


Boy Love. Yaoi is Love.

Their conversation was dripping with innuendo that would make fangirls nosebleed.



Senpai:” I have something to give you” “Stop Lying!” “…I was certain you cannot stop acting.” “Even though you still continue to act now..” “Even now you are intoxicated with that trite role” “Stop pretending now” “No matter how much I devote myself, you have that which I can never attain…blood”



But there’s stuff for the fanboys too. Listen to Alto and Sheryl talk dirty…

Talk Dirty
Talk Dirty

Talk Dirty

Sheryl: “This how it felt like the first time we did this, isn’t it”

Alto: “It’s about time we head back. Are you satisfied yet?”

Sheryl: “Not at all. This hasn’t been nearly enough yet.”

And then the virginal, mono-sexual otaku horde goes wild.

Massive Nosebleed
Massive Nosebleed
Massive Nosebleed
Massive Nosebleed

Massive Nosebleed. DECULTURE!!!

The Zentradi, I believe, is the otaku army. They don’t look different from those you see dancing outside shops in Akihabara, before the flatscreen TV displays, dancing to the steps of the virtual idols from THE iDOLM@STER.


Ranka Lee says,”Thou shalt not worship false idols”


Ranka Lee says,”Thou shalt not worship false idols”. Now Ranka Lee’s sparkling (kira-kira) I-Love-You gesture made it to the latest round of Internet meme.

俺の キラッ☆ フォルダが火を噴くぜ!

For long time fans of Macross, and also those whose childhood memories include Macross, Frontier pays homage to the original series in many ways – such as ‘encore’ appearances of familiar character types and relationships (I’ve placed the characters’ Robotech names in parentheses for those more familiar with their American incarnation):

MAJ Ohgothwai and aide

MAJ Ohgothwai and aide

MAJ Ohgothwai and aide is the carbon copy for Vrlitwhai Kridanik (Breetai) and Exsedol Folmo (Exedor) pair in the old school Macross series. And don’t Zentradi names sound cool? They sound like Mongolians from the days of Genghis Khan.

And MAJOR is such a sexy military rank….



Tehmzin is Quamzin Kravshera (Khyron)’s reincarnation. I wonder if he’s really dead after that encounter with Alto. I hope to see the re-interpretation of the badass bitch consort, Lap Lamiz (Azonia)

And here’s the Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes)-Claudia LaSalle (Claudia Grant) pair on the bridge.

Boby Margot and Cathy Glass

Boby Margot and Cathy Glass

Except that Claudia LaSalle has now become the queen Boby Margot. And I don’t think Boby is getting it on with Ozman, the Roy Focker (Roy Fokker) for this series.

And what’s a show without some lovers’ tiff.



The Human-Zentraedi/Meltrandi romance between Michael and Klan Klan is just like Maximilian Jenius (Max Sterling) and Milia Fallyna (Miriya Parina).

And a meido somehow crept into the mix.



I swore that Alto said “MOE?” in this scene.

And is the following a reference to Densha Otoko…?

Densha Otoko

Richard Bilrer – Tetsudo/Densha Otoko?

The boss of the private military contractor SMS (Strategic Military Service), Richard Bilrer, is a Zentradi railway otaku. While speaking of his dream of an intergalactic utopia, the room melts away into a omni-theatre experience, putting Alto in a Galaxy Express 999 situation.

Space Galaxy 999

Macross Express 999

This is definitely something for the old timers.

It’s inevitable that genre fans will compare the current incarnation of Macross with Gundam. While both are made to appeal to a broad spectrum of fans, especially the female species – Macross Frontier does it more blatantly than Gundam OO.

In terms of narrative, Gundam OO trumps Macross Frontier. It has a tighter script, drama and theme. Comparatively, the conflict in Macross Frontier appear to be more like an afterthought – the campus drama appears to be more central than war between human/zentradi and the Vajra hive. The students/fighter pilots appear to be emotionally detached from the war, and they can so easily slip in between their roles without dissonance. You don’t see their conviction or motivation of wanting to fight. Why bother then?

I doubt any of those following the series knew what was really going on – with all that conspiracy stuff and mystery and I don’t think anyone cared. Probably the writers didn’t really know how they’d wanted to develop the story either, and are making things up long the way. By the forth episode, no one knew what the conflict was about, and no one understood the motivations of the parties in the conflict. Maybe it doesn’t really matter as long as there are opportunities for Sheryl to show off her tits and ass, Alto & Brera preening and looking pretty like peacocks, and Ranka Lee to do her DECULTURE!! stuff.

For purists, Macross Frontier, even with the uneven quality in animation, is Japan’s big middle finger to Harmony Gold’s “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles” . And this would be the sweet answer to Harmony Gold’s attempt to rip-off Macross from Big West.

Macross Frontier is a good show to watch for the style and the eye candy. This is a series made for fans, so don’t watch this series with the expectation for Gundam OO.

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