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The Fool shows a child or youth, while the Magician depicts an all powerful adept. Just as the Fool showed us the price of eternal innocence, so this Magician gives us the fearsomeness of taking on responsibility. If the Major Arcana represents the Fool’s journey, the Magician is the first thing the Fool encounters.

Back in 2005, Tsuyoshi Yamada (山田 剛司), the drama incarnation of Densha Otoko 『電車男』 entertained Japanese viewers and Otakus world wide with his nerdy antics. Yamada and his Otaku buddies Shinji Kawamoto (川本信二) and Yusaku Matsunaga (松永勇作) professed their Otaku-ness through their worship of the rabbit-eared anime heroine Tsukishiro Mina (月城ミーナ)

Mina figurine in Yamada's Otaku Room
Mina figurine in Yamada’s Otaku Room

Tsukishiro Mina is the twin-carrot jet engined heroine from the anime “Getsumen To Heiki Mina” (月面兎兵器ミーナ) – [loosely translated: "Moon Surface Rabbit Weapon Mina or Lunar Leporid Weapon Mina"], which was conceived as a prop and background material for the drama adaptation of Densha Otoko. Yamada’s room was decorated with Mina’s merchandise along with real-world Otaku artifacts from SUNRISE and GAINAX.

The “fictitious” anime character became a hit among the real world Otakus too. Following the “Densha Otoko mania” that swept through Japan (and the global Otaku underground) in the autumn of 2005, Mina’s merchandise were briskly snapped up. There’s also a fan site dedicated to the drama-world anime. These were a good gauge of the character’s popularity.

400,000 yen (US$3,298.20 !!!) Mina figurine

Volks released a limited edition 1:6 scale G-kit based on the 400,000 yen Mina figurine featured in Yamada’s room during 2005’s Comiket (68) and Wonder Festival. The 8,800 yen unassembled, unpainted A-Brand resin kits were all snapped up. Some of these kits are going at bids between 18,000 yen to 38,000 yen on auction sites.

Although the Otaku critic Honda Tohru (透本田) has slammed “Densha Otoko” as a celebration of “Love Capitalism” – that the protagonist is not a worthy Otaku as he gave up on his mania in order to be with a woman from the real world – many Otakus wished that they could be like the Densha Otako from 2ch. Perhaps someday they would meet their Hermès on the train, maybe someday the meido at the maid cafe whom they fancy would one day take an interest. . .If they worshipped Mina like how Yamada Tsuyoshi did, Mina would give them all the power they need to experience romance and leave the desolate land of the singletons behind.

So, what is it about Mina that made it such a popular anime with the Otakus in the Densha Otoko world?

Getsumen To Heiki Mina, Densha Otoko style
Character design by OKAMA

OKAMA, a popular manga artist associated with the Otaku underground, added star appeal to the series with his character designs.

Shinji Kawamoto and Yusaku Matsunaga

Shinji and Yusaku in gleeful joy

Why did the cheeky Otaku buddies of Densha Otoko, Shinji Kawamoto and Yusaku Matsunaga, breakout in glee while watching “Getsumen To Heiki Mina” outside an electronics shop in Akihabara?



There’s the obligatory panchira shot that’s become an obligatory meme for anime that panders to boys’ fantasies. But it’s not by the strength of Tsukishiro Mina’s white panties that made the show a hit among the Otaku kindred. What seemed to be an inane, slapstick comedy at first glance – turned out to be an eschatological science fiction drama driven by conspiracy and intrigue, laced with love and romance at the sides. There’s a bit of Hugo Gernsback, Kim Stanley Robinson, Philip K Dick, Buddhism, and Gundam (Char’s Counter Attack) thrown into the smelting cauldron.

Once you go through the 26 episodes of the [original] Getsumen To Heiki Mina, you will realise why Tsukishiro Mina is a Heroine worthy of idolatry.

The original Mina – Getsumen To Heiki Mina : The First Twelve Androids

In the original Getsumen To Heiki Mina story, Tsukishiro Mina is one of the latest androids from the Mina Series that joined the “Mina Corps” [ミーナ軍団]. Tsukishiro, together with her spunky partner Ohtsuki Mina (大月ミーナ), battled the minions from “Code Breakers” (コードブレイカーズ). The Code Breakers is a shadowy terror organisation that wanted to thwart Humanity’s plan to colonise the Moon.

Getsumen To Heiki Mina, Densha Otoko style

Here’s the complete synopsis of the 26-episode anime, according to the “underground train” annex of the Densha Otoko drama website (裏電車).

VOL.1 「あれは月面兎兵器!!」Presenting, the Lunar Rabbit Weapon!!

The programme to settle mankind on the moon is in motion. The Autumn Equinox that year was a historic moment. Humanity announced its glorious achievement – the realisation of the Moon Base that took 40 years to complete. News of the unveiling of the Moon Base was broadcast all over the world.

The “Autumn Equinox” was a moment that people all around the world had been waiting for. Even after the revelation of the Moon Base, people continued to wait by the TV for the scheduled broadcast.

On the fateful day, the familiar silhouette was projected into the living room of 10 billion households.

The director of the project “The People’s Bodyguard” 「国民の用心棒」 revealed the existence of the “Mina Series” 「ミーナシリーズ」, the line of self-defence androids mass manufactured on the moon’s crater.

Everyone was amazed. They can’t believe that those girls are actually robots as they looked too much like humans. One by one, each of the androids came on stage to make their introduction and soon the stage was filled up.

One of the androids stepped out from the crowd. The camera focused on her. The thousands of androids behind her turned and formed a chain. Together they greeted in unison,”Hello everybody, we are Mi-i-na!!”

There was thunderous applause.

Tsukishiro Mina

Tsukishiro Mina (月城ミーナ)

That zestful girl who came forward was none other than Tsukishiro Mina.

She’s one of the latest models from the Mina Series.

VOL.2 「ミーナ軍団胎動」The Rise of the Mina Corps

This event happened 37 years ago.

At that time, the Project “Looks Like We’ve Got To Go To The Moon” 「そうだ、月に行こう」 was into its third year since its inception. Mankind invented the revolutionary “Moon Device” 「ムーンデバイス」 that enabled human beings to live on the moon. That device would allow Humanity to establish a bridgehead on the moon. However, Humanity’s history is going through another period of upheaval. The rapid advancement of the human society had given rise to reactionary movements. Those who’re unable to keep up with the radical transition experienced anomie, and lost their social moorings and sense of ethics.

The tumultuous era saw the rise of the extremist organisation Code Breakers 「コードブレイカーズ」. This organisation is an ensemble of people who’re jaded with the existing social order. They’re made up of corrupted middle aged salarymen (who formed the Business Card Tribe/「名刺族」), corrupted Otakus (who formed the Electronic Tribe/「電子族」) and the corrupted housewives (who formed the Housewife Tribe/「主婦族」). The Code Breakers are bent on doing the utmost evil.

The gravity of the situation compelled the Federal government to initiate the project “The People’s Bodyguard”. The earliest androids developed under “Mina Series” are now known as “The First Twelve Androids” 「始まりの12体」.

Back to the present.

About half a century had gone by. Both the projects “The People’s Bodyguard” and “Looks Like We’ve Got To Go To The Moon” are a complete success. Two of the androids from the old Mina Series became the founders of the “Mina Corps” 「軍団ミーナ」.

The First Twelve Androids

The First Twelve Androids (始まりの12体)

VOL.3 「総司令官は負け犬33歳?」The Commander-in-Chief is a 33 year old Loser?

Shirotori Mina (白鳥ミーナ) is the Commander-In-Chief of the Japan-based “Mina Corps”. She is one of the “First Twelve Androids”. Together with her Chief of Staff Akiyama Mina (秋山ミーナ) who’s also part of the legendary twelve, both of them expedited the establishment of the “Mina Corps”. It was a difficult task, assembling an army that boast a strength of thousands of Mina androids. Without the two of them to bring together the androids that showed disparities in personality and capabilities of their Artificial Intelligence (AI), the task definitely would have been even more difficult.

But there was a problem that’s giving them a headache. Both of them sighed in agreement:

“Tsukishiro Mina…., she is a problem eh”

“Yes. In terms of physical prowess, analytical skills, conceptual thinking etc she’s below standard. She would not make it in any of the sub-units..”

How tragic, would our Mina fail to not make the cut?

Tsukishiro Mina was promptly summoned to the Commander-in-Chief’s office. Tsukishiro Mina sweat sensors were working over time as she would be meeting one of the legendary Minas.

But she’s the protagonist of the story. She must definitely different from the rest.

Upon seeing her Commander-in-Chief, her first words were,” Erm, does the Commander have a boyfriend? Well everyone’s talking about it. If you don’t do something about it…”

If Akiyama Mina didn’t shut her mouth, it would surely have become a scene from Hell.

Shirotori, 33 years old, is the most senior among “The First Twelve Androids”. Recently, the titanium skinned Mina was concerned about her singlehood.

“Are we Minas human beings!? We have no time for romance. Do you think there are suitors for self-defence androids? The recent Mina models made with too much girly characteristics, and…*blah blah blah…*”

Do your best! Commander Shirotori!! Your life experience is the world’s saviour!

Shirotori Mina and Akiyama Mina

Shirotori Mina (白鳥ミーナ) and Akiyama Mina (秋山ミーナ)

VOL.4 「火星帰りのミーナ」 The Mina Who Returned From Mars

In the end, Tsukishiro Mina was not deployed to any of the units. This is bad!! But not to worry, Chief of Staff Akiyama had something in mind.

“And so, the Japan Meeting has ended. And each of you…ah. One more thing. There’s something you need to know. Next week, the reinforcement from Mars’ Titanium Mines Protection Garrison 「火星チタニウム発掘場守備隊」will be joining us. She’s someone all of you know well – Ms. Ohtsuki Mina (大月ミーナ).”

Everyone was stunned by Akiyama Mina’s announcement. Ohtsuki Mina used to pick scraps with her instructors at the “Lunar Rabbit Campus Bodyguard Traning Centre”. She’s also one of the important members of “The First Twelve Android”. She’s a notorious problem child.

“By the way. Ms. Ohtsuki will be paired together with Ms. Tsukishiro. As the “Mina Guerrilla Unit” 『ミーナ遊撃隊』, the two of you will be assigned various tasks. Ms. Tsukihiro, do work hard yeah?”


The words were like a bolt from the blue. Tsukishiro Mina froze.

Over at Mars , a shuttle blasted off.

“Guerrilla unit eh. Heh. Interesting.” Ohstuki Mina let out her spunky guffaw.

Ohtsuki Mina

Ohtsuki Mina (大月ミーナ)

VOL.5 「初任務!銃弾の味は涙の味!?」The First Mission! The Taste of Bullets is the Taste of Tears!?

Ohtsuki Mina was extremely pissed. The newly established Mina Guerrilla Unit’s most urgent mission was to pose as the”Red Light District Lifestyle Guide”「色町の生活指導」, and the operation went ahead without her consent. They’re on the way to the area of operations in the escort truck….

“Damn. This must be some a bad joke”

“But, we’ve waited a long time for an assignment….”

“Grr- she’s still the same!”

“W-What’s going on? Please stop the AI-”

Half an hour later…

The area of operations in Shinjuku appeared to be more chaotic that you’d imagined.

“Hey, is there someone who can tell us about the situation?”

“Ms. Ohtsuki, I couldn’t get anyone to tell me anything. Erm, as I know, that group of “Drunken Preachers” 『酒に酔った勢いでネチネチネチネチお説教』 over there is also known the “Business Card Tribe”. And over there is the “Electronic Tribe”. They’re next to the ATM over there. That group is clearly up to something. By the way, they have recently developed a new “Skimming” 『スキミング』 technique.

“So I see. That’s good enough, I understand. So it looks like they’ve got some funny ideas in their head eh. Tsukihiro, you get to the back of the house. Let’s take care of the Otakus first.”

Kabuki-cho at night was not a pleasant place.

“Ms. Ohstuki, there’s a new bogey at the three o’clock position! That might be the clumsy “Housewife Tribe”. Argh! She’s now stealing the radish. Now she’s taking a scallion!! Ms. Ohtsuki, it’s confirmed!”

“Skimming under the influence of alcohol, and now shoplifting…”

“…..Ms. Ohtsuki?”

“What do you think I am, a night watchman? Bastards!!! GRRRRR!!!” Ohstuki Mina’s huge cannon roared. Tsukishiro Hime took the cue and followed suit. There was destruction everywhere. And thus, the curtains came down on Shinjuku’s red light district, putting an end to Kabuki-cho’s long history.

Folks, do be cautious of Mina Guerrilla Unit’s enthusiasm.

VOL.6 「人類の夢・月移住計画、始まる!」 Humanity’s Dream. The Lunar Migration Programme Begins!

At last, Humanity’s Lunar Migration programme has begun. The sub-units of “People’s Bodyguard” Mina Corps went assigned tasks.

The Mina Guerilla Unit is put in charge of civilian transportation. Both Tsukishiro Mina and Ohtsuki Mina, dressed transport officials’ uniforms, looked just like Bus Guides.

“Why are we the combat androids dressed to look like Bus Guide Ladies!” Ohstuki is pissed. But Tsukishiro wasn’t at all bothered.

“On the right, you can see the Second Tokyo Tower,” the passengers are excited by Tsukishiro’s introduction. That’s because the pioneer batch of Moon migrants are farmers from Fukushima. The country bumpkins are completely in a touristy mood.

At that moment, there was ongoing road works along the designated route. Following the road marshal’s direction, the bus ended in a blind alley!

“Hur Hur Hur, You’ve fallen into a trap!!”

The bus was besieged by the Code Breakers’ minions from the Business Card Tribe. Those people were retrenched workers couldn’t even find job as who’s temping as road construction workers. They’re only posing as construction workers!

Using the “Restructuring”「リストラクチャリング」 killer move (必殺技), the farmers were utterly cowered by the horrors of “Restructuring”

“Spare me from Restructuring! I have got a wife and kids!!”

It was total restructuring chaos within the bus.

“Hey wait -” Ohtsuki and Tsukishiro stripped off their bus guide uniform and unleashed their attack. Tsukishiro used her killer move “Carroting Flash!” 「キャロッティングフラッシュ!」 and defeated the Business Card Tribe in one master stroke.

Ohtsuki and Tsukishiro successfully escorted the pioneer migrants to Tokyo Bay International Space Port (東京湾国際宇宙港). At the space port, Tsukishiro met a guy. He’s Manki Iwanami, a pilot. Tsukishiro felt her AI pulse throbbing the moment she saw Iwanami. Tsukishiro Mina, being an android, didn’t know what to make of that feeling…

VOL.7 「祭りだ祭りだ、ワッショイショイッ!」”It’s a festival it’s a festival! Wasshoishoi-!”

The Mina Guerrillas assigned jobs as Lunar Migrants Transportation Officers next found themselves heading to Hiroshima. When they arrived, a town hall meeting was in progress. The town had gathered to discuss a serious issue – the agenda being “Whether to bring the Mobile Shrine for the traditional ‘Butsukari Festival’ 『ぶつかり祭り*』 to the Moon”

(*Butsukari (ぶつかり) – To collide, to stop an opponent’s charge. In the fictitious Butsukari festival, town folks run around town carrying their mobile shrines to collide into each other like bumper cars)

Knowing that, Ohtsuki offered her decisive opinion,”As gravity is very weak on the moon, I think that it’s will not be easy to stop your opponent’s charge isn’t it”

Realising that the Butsukari Festival would not be held on the Moon, they decided to hold the festival on Earth right away. The townsfolk quickly got their act together, stalls were set up and festive lanterns adorned the business street – the whole town was decorated in a festive mood. Night fell, and the long awaited Butsukari Festival began. Numerous mobile shrines hurtled down the street, and those that met collided violently!

Although the streets were filled with the familiar mobile shrines, one of them was carefully threading through, taking care not to collide with the others. Whichever suspicious mobile shrine that came within 1 millimeter of contact, it was bumped off sky high. That was the Code Breaker’s Electronic Tribe Corps’ “Super Repelling Mobile Shrine” 『超反発神輿』.

“Hit it!”

Tsukishiro and Ohstuki stood valiantly against the mobile shrine, but their attacks were futile as they were all repelled.

Thereafter, Shiwasu Mina (師走ミーナ), Kanatsuki Mina (神無月ミーナ) and Yayoi Mina (弥生ミーナ) from Mina Corps’ “Team Oboro (Misty Moon)” 『チーム朧』 appeared! These girls who’re from the intelligence unit (諜報部隊), crippled the circuits of the Super Repelling Mobile Shrine with their 3L33T hacking 5kiLLz and computer virus! The Electronic Tribe was pwnagel. Tsukihiro delivered her final blow and the defeated the Electronic Tribe!

Tsukishiro and gang happily joined in the festivities. This would be the last “Butsukari Festival” on Earth.

Tamamushi Mina, Yayoi Mina and Shimotsuki Mina

Tamamushi Mina (玉虫ミーナ) , Yayoi Mina (弥生ミーナ) and Shimotsuki Mina (霜月ミーナ)

VOL.8 「地上最後のホームランを」The Last Homerun on Earth

The Lunar Migrants Transportation Officers are helping people who’re packing for the migration. Among them was this interesting guy. He’s Kosuke Hoshino (星野虎介), one of the best batter from the professional baseball team “Osaka Bengal Tigerz” 『大阪ベンガルトラーズ』. Hoshino was dismayed that he couldn’t play baseball on the Moon due to its weak gravity.

Ohtsuki Mina, who’s a big fan of baseball almost blew her AI circuits before Hoshino. “P-P-Please sign on this ball!”

….A few hours later, at the Tokyo Bay International Space Port , a pre-departure lecture was in progress. Hoshino’s family were among those attending the lecture. Youths hounded the famous baseball player, begging him for his autograph. However he declined, saying”I’m no longer a baseball player.”

Ohtsuki, who noticed the dispirited Hoshino, took the former pro onto her Anti-gravity Bike and sped away. They headed for the baseball stadium. As they arrived, the Bengal Tigerz was in the middle of a match. At the ninth inning there were two strike outs (九回裏二死満塁), this was the final last chance. The next batter is the present Tigerz’ No.4 man, Homer (ホマー), the foreign backer.

Suddenly, the drunk old men seated at the gallery sprung from their benches. The drunken old men charged past the officials at the homebase, and hurled their bad alcohol-reeking breath attack at Homer, knocking him out.

These old men were from the Business Card Tribe Corps! Using their secret kungfu “Shibashi Bridge Drunken Fist”, the game officials were strewn all over the place!

Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki together with Hoshino hurried to the scene! The girls gave the Business Card Tribe a good thrashing.

Hoshino hurried the bench, and the coach made him the pinch hitter. Hoshino’s swung his bat which struck the ball squarely. The ball soared higher and higher.. and it disappeared beyond the stadium. It was a grand slam.

Amidst the feverish cheers, Hoshino homed-in. And that was baseball player Hoshino Kosuke’s final homerun.

VOL.9 「熱海月面移動計画、その1」Atami Lunar Displacement Programme, Part 1

The next region selected for migration is the famous Atami. The place is well known for her hot springs. However the locals gave up on their right to migrate to the moon, that’s because they’re not willing to forego their spa business that was handed down from generation to generation.

At this moment, Yuo Yumizu (湯水湧夫), the president of Atami Hotspring Tourism Association 「熱海温泉観光協会」, proposed a bold plan to move the entire Atami to the moon. This would be known to the world as “Atami Lunar Displacement Programme”

…Lunar Migrants Transportation Officers Tsukishiro Mina and Ohtsuki Mina had already arrived at Atami some time ago.

“Shirotori and Akiyama thinks that we must have grown to love our job. But we’re here early because of the hot spring”

“This is my first time at a hot spring! I have just prepared the right equipment!” saying that, Tsukishiro pulled out a scuba gear…

However, all of Atami’s shops are not opened! Ohtsuki was pissed that she couldn’t use the hot spring. She barged into the conference where all the hot spring operators were gathered.

“Hey! Why are the hot springs closed!?”

After learning about the programme, Ohtsuki remarked,”Oh, Ain’t that simple.” She suggested using the Hydrogen Barrier and the Anti-Gravity device. Ohtsuki is an expert in these matters after spending time on Mars’ Titanium Mines.

Yumizu accepted her idea and made Ohtsuki in charge of the programme. Tsukihiro was dragged in to assist in the operations. Putting on overalls, all the old men dug in.

Just as they completed their excavation, one of the ditch’s wall suddenly burst – the suit brigade, the Business Card Tribe showed up! After learning of Atami’s plan, the Business Card Tribe wanted to siphon water from Atami’s hot spring. The Business Card Tribe utilised their special technique “The Unflagging Tunnel Operations Stratagem” 『地道にコツコツと作業戦法』and steadily dug a tunnel to Atami.

Once again, Tsukishiro kicked their butts and prevented them from doing damage. Atami’s hot springs are secured. But can the ambitious programme be carried out according to plan?

VOL.10 「熱海月面移動計画、その2」 Atami Lunar Displacement Programme, Part 2

Ohtsuki Mina, The supervising director of “Atami Moon Migration Programme” activated the Anti-Gravity device after embedding them into the freshly dug ditches. But, Atami didn’t even stir.

Was Ohsaki’s plan going to be a big failure?

Wait, hang on. The whole of Atami, engulfed under the Hydrogen barrier, began dislodging from Earth. The detached land mass stirred and slowly began to float.

“Wa – its floating, Atami is floating!!”

Ohtsuki’s plan was a great success!

Atami, pointed towards the Moon, started rising.

A fleet of air cars was en route to Atami, jamming the passages. Representatives from “Japan Hot Spring Equal Opportunities Association – Women’s Wing” were in those cars.

“Atami is going to monopolise the hot spring business on the moon. This plan must stop right away!”

The Woman’s Wing landed on Atami, hollered their protest as they made their way to the headquarters of the displacement programme.

Even the young men of Atami couldn’t stop the march of the Women’s Wing. These women, are none other than the “Housewife Tribe” of the Code Breakers.

The Housewife Tribe charged their way into the headquarters using their killer tactic – “Bargain Sale Rushing Tackle” 『バーゲンセール突入タックル』.

Those from the mechanical section bravely defended their position down to the last man, yet they couldn’t prevent the destruction of the devices.

Thereupon the incident, Shimotsuki Mina (霜月ミーナ) from Mina Corps’s Elite Troop “Team Celestial Moon (Amatsuki)” (先鋭部隊『チーム天月』) appeared.

Tsukishiro and gang together initiated the battle, and the Housewife Tribe’s military forces were soundly defeated!

The floating Atami was secured!

But the enemy attack had destroyed the anti-gravity devices.

Atami began to fall back to Earth.

Atami dropped right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Tsukishiro, together with the Minas she met for the fist time, went under Atami.

With their energy at maximum blast, they pushed and Atami started to move!

Once again, Atami began ascending to the moon on Minas’ power.

Atami rose beyond the atmosphere and flew out into space, heading for the moon.

VOL.11 「玉虫の休日」Tamamushi’s Rest Day

Tamamushi Mina (玉虫ミーナ), the superintendent of the “Mina Corps – Katsudokibashi Barracks” 『軍団ミーナ・勝どき橋寮』, woke up early even though it’s her rest day. She had green tea while reading the news.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise that sounded like an explosion.

“An Enemy Raid?” Tamamushi went on guard at once. As she bounded down the stairs, she bumped into Tsukishiro. She returned to work although she’s supposed to be her rest day. Tsukishiro was in a fluster. As she bounded, she dropped a brown envelop. Tamamushi had no choice but to bring that mail to Tsukishiro.

Tamamushi went over to the Mina Corps HQ which was also on lull for the first time. She headed towards the Commander’s office after confirming Tsukishiro’s location on the GPS (Global Positioning System). Although she thought there wouldn’t be anybody around the office since the HQ was on lull, she caught Commander-in-Chief Shirotori using a cosmetic-purpose solder to iron out the wrinkles around the corner of her eyes.

“…Commander, you are concerned about your looks after all.”

Tamamushi quietly backed out of the room…

Wanted to use a computer, Tamamushi headed for the spare room in the basement which was usually deserted. But there she spotted Chief of Staff Akiyama. Intuitively, she knew that something secretive was going on. She felt apprehensive and was turning to leave when she stumbled on a cable.

When she looked up, Tamamushi was staring up the barrel of a gun. The usually unperturbed Akiyama looked pale. “It must be a mistake!” Tamamishi said as she fled the scene in a hurry.

…On the screen of Akiyama’s computer were the words “From the Dying Earth to the Moon, For the sake of Humanity’s preservation…”

While Tamamushi managed to find Tsukishiro after checking with Ohtsuki who was training at the pool and with Kannatsuki of Team Misty Moon who was analysing a new computer virus, she met Tsukishiro. Tsukishiro was typing away furiously at the computer in the office, to make up for report she dropped at the barracks. She had to redo the task that Commander Shirotori gave from scratch.

Tamamushi was amazed by Tsukishiro’s perfect memory, as she managed to recover all the lost data.

Ohtsuki Mina, Tamamushi Mina and Tsukishiro Mina

Ohtsuki Mina, Tamamushi Mina and Tsukishiro Mina

VOL.12 「詩人の知られざる苦悩」The Poet’s Unspoken Agony

Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki made their way into the recesses of the mountains to look for a man who’s been chosen as a Lunar Migrant. They found their quarry, who’s none other than the 75 year old man who was named the “The Most Iconic Poet of the 21st Century”, Junjiro Yamagawa (山川俊次朗).

Yamagawa’s poem “The Last Poem Recited on Earth” that was well received by fans world wide brought him acclaim. However, unable to cope with the stress of his new-found fame, he fled to the secluded mountains.

Yamagawa was unmoved by Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki’s persuasion, and he tried to escape from them when the opportunity presented itself.

As there is little time left before the scheduled departure, an irritated Ohtsuki tried to forcibly drag Yamagawa away, but the poet pulled out a knife. “If you come closer, I will kill myself!”

Suddenly, a group of people claiming to be Yamagawa’s fans appeared, and they exclaimed,”We’ve come to help you escape!”

“I’m grateful!” said the poet as they tried to free Yamagawa from Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki’s grasp.

There’s no mistaking that these fans are the actually Business Card Tribe Corps’ goons in disguise! They are trying to abduct Yamagawa so as to sabotage the Lunar Migration programme! The Business Card Tribe unleashed their killer move “The Dejection of the Useless Employees” 『窓際の憂鬱』 on Yamagawa when he realised their true identity.

Ohtsuki used her body to block the attack, and saved Yamagawa’s life. An enraged Tsukishiro unleashed her ferocious attack and defeated the Business Card Tribe!

Yamagawa was fascinated by the combative Ohtsuki and Tsukishiro. He was rescued by androids. But Yamagawa did not expect that which followed…

After defeating the Business Card Tribes, the wounded Ohtsuki carried Yamagawa on the back of her Anti-gravity Air Bike. But Ohtsuki instead of heading to the Space Port, she headed in the opposite direction. Ohtsuki wanted to show Yamagawa Earth’s beautiful sight. Within a short time, they saw the morning clouds, the grassland under the evening sun, the fireflies…

Yamagawa barely made it to the sending-off ceremony after taking his last view of Earth.

Yamagawa read his “The Last Poem Recited on Earth” at the ceremony to the thunderous ovation from people all over the world.

VOL.13 「ワールド・オブ・ワンダー ~源五郎大捜索譚~」World of Wonder ~ The Tale of the Search for Gengoro ~

The Lunar Migrants Transportation Officers found themselves at a farming village in Akita (秋田) to help with the migration.

This time, they met with an unusual problem – as preparations went steadily in progress, an eight year old boy Masagi Hataki (畑正義) cried. “Gengoro, the dog that’s supposed to be brought to the moon, has escaped!”

“If Gengoro is not going, I’m not as well!” Masagi was adamant. Tsukishiro promised Masagi that she would help him look for his dog, and left Ohtsuki to manage the migration.

After sending off the buses, they realised that Masagi did not board the bus!

“Sis, I am staying behind to look for the dog”

As it was too late to go after the buses, Tsukishiro and Masagi went to look for Gengoro.

Tsukishiro called upon the search and recover expert Yayoi Mina from “Team Misty Moon”

Within moments, Yayoi arrived with her pet jumbo poodle – “Teaspoon” (kosaji/コサジ)

Yayoi had topped her class at the Police Forensic Course and has an acute sense of judgement. Coupled with Teaspoon’s keen sense of smell, the search for Genjiro would be a breeze.

They came across a party of burglars trying to break into the empty homes of the Lunar Migrants!

Masagi sprang, and Tsukishiro went after the burglars. These burglars are none other than the Housewife Tribe!

The Valentino Garavani clad Housewife Tribe unleashed their killer move – “Mama Chariot Attack”『ママチャリアタック』!

The overloaded Mama Chariots (bicycles) lunged forward, it’s one of the Housewife’s most ferocious tactics!

Tsukishiro countered the Housewife Tribe with her move “Carroty Flash” 『キャロッティー・フラッシュ』 and kicked their butts.

…with the assistance from Yayoi and Teaspoon, they finally located Gengoro.

Next to Gengoro was a bitch and a few puppies.

There was a restriction for families bringing pets to the moon and each household was limited to one pet.

“How about bringing one of the puppies along instead?” Tsukishiro suggested. Masagi replied,”But I do not want to separate the family” and with that, he decided to leave Gengoro behind.

Tsukishiro witnessing the poignant parting scene between Masagi and Gengoro, a question suddenly came to her mind.

“Why are we moving people to the moon?”

VOL.14 「コードブレイカーズ、脇役の苦悩」 The Plight of the Code Breakers’ Minion

Susumu Hayashi (林ススム, 37 years old) is a goon from Code Breakers’ Business Card Tribe. He’s feeling troubled.

Actually, he was one of those who’s been selected to go to the moon. His wife and daughter were delighted that they could live on the moon. Now, he wants to break away from his organisation but couldn’t. Susumu Hayashi became distressed.

Susumu Hayashi reflected on what happened a year ago.

There word was going around the company that they are going to restructure.

Susumu Hayashi was at a loss…

In order to reverse his unemployed status, he worked hard to improve his skills and knowledge.

Humanity should have benefited from the benign progress of science. But it appears that corporations’ restructuring programmes were closely related to the advancement of science. When he began harbouring those thoughts, he got to know the Code Breakers.

As he was a victim of restructuring, Susumu Hayashi put together with those who met the same fate. As part of the Business Card Tribe, he underwent military training with his comrades.

Although the days were tough, he really felt that he had a more meaningful existence…

Susumu Hayashi is in distress. He made up his mind for the sake of his loved ones.

For that purpose, he approached Tsukishiro for help. “When you attack us, I would like you to kill me.” He wanted to die in battle.

Soon the day came. Tsukishiro arrived as planned.

Suddenly, Susumu Hayashi whipped out a gun at Tsukishiro. Susumu Hayashi’s relentless attack forced Tsukishiro to draw back.

During the battle, Susumu Hayashi was hit by a bullet. It was a fatal wound and Susumu Hayashi drew his last breath, with his comrades by his dying side.

Days later, at the Tokyo Bay International Space Port.

At the Space Port, Susumu Hayashi was seen walking with the help of crutches.

It was all an act. “You can also quit!” he encouraged those comrades whom he knew. He had already achieved his motive. At the end of the day, Susumu Hayashi’s chose his family first. It was a happy moment.

Tsukishiro took it upon herself to be the guardian of such happy moments.

VOL.15 「大統領のボディーガード」The President’s Bodyguard

The President of the United States, Lorentz, is visiting Japan to inspect its space port. The United Nations gave direct orders to the Mina Guerrilla Unit to escort the President. Commander Shirotori, thinking that they should be undercover, gave the two of them ceremonial military uniforms.

Ohtsuki grumbled, but she stopped complaining when she stood before the mirror in the ceremonial garb. The two of them, dressed in military uniform, looked like smart, capable soldiers.

However, the two of them were cooly received by the President’s Security Police.

Offended, Ohtsuki curtly said “Let’s go!” , and Tsukishiro didn’t understand what was going on.

“We’ll see you later,” said the President’s entourage.

Tsukishiro sensed something abnormal.

The president appeared pale and was in cold sweat. However, the Security Police didn’t seem to bother.

Tsukishiro quickly got “Team Misty Moon” to investigate the president’s personal security detail.

A few minutes later, the profiles of Security Police was sent.

Those image of the Security Police did not resemble those who’re next to the President!

Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki went after the President. Those Security Police could be assassins!

Tsukishiro’s “Carrot Missiles” defeated the Security Police and thwarted their plot to assassinate the President.

The President was muttering as Tsukishiro rushed over to his side,”…I was almost assassinated”

Since that incident, the President’s visit proceeded without a hitch.

As the President had another appointment after reviewing the Space Port, he hurried to board the Interstellar Passenger Cruiser for the moon. He was going to inspect Japan’s Moon Base.

An hour later. they realised that the American President had actually gone to the moon on exile.

“Why did the President defect to the moon…?”

Now that’s another unsolved mystery added to Tsukishiro’s memory.

VOL.16 「ドキュメンタリーは蜜の味!?」The Documentary has the Taste of Honey!?

The Minas that had gained the reputation of “Humanity’s Bodyguards” are now celebrities. Now they had to do publicity photoshots and had their merchandise for sale. Wherever the Minas went, there will always be crowds thronging the stars. The broadcast station “Channel 888″ wanted to do a story on this phenomenon. For their story, they’ve chosen Tsukishiro as the lead for their documentary.

Tsukishiro was ecstatic. Before Commander Shirotori broke the news to her, she told Tsukishiro,”If you become conscious of the camera for even one moment, you’ll find yourself transferred to the ‘Saturn Resources Survey Security Detachment’ 『土星資源調査隊警備員行き』 on short notice.”

On the day of the shoot, Tsukishiro went about her job as usual. The camera followed Tsukishiro closely, and the entire story was filmed at one go.

During the shoot, Tsukishiro went about business as usual, without even noticing the camera. This was better for her as she came to be known as The Dedicated Tsukishiro Mina. Her popularity immediately shot up.

However, in her heart Tsukishiro wished that she could do more for peace and wanted to show it.

… while bringing more Lunar Migrants to the Space Port. There, Tsukishiro bumped into the pilot Iwanami once again. Tsukishiro’s pulse went crazy and she blushed. At that sight, the director of the documentary exclaimed,”That’s Mina’s Romantic side! That shall be the title!”

Romance? Is this romance? Tsukishiro was bewildered by those feelings, and she overheated.

…some hours later, when Tsukishiro became conscious in the infirmary, the first thing she heard was,” You were an utter embarrassment infront of the camera! Now no one will marry you!”

But, even at this place there’s cameras everywhere.

Tamamushi came and brought with her the profiles of the wanted Code Breakers. The mugshots of the TV crew were among those on the wanted list!

At that moment. The interstellar passenger cruiser that Iwanai piloted took off! The thugs were actually eyeing that vessel! Tsukishiro sprang and took off through the windows of the infirmary. At the space port, she appropriated one of the ground crew’s air bike and blasted off in pursuit if the interstellar passenger cruiser using both her own rocket boosters and the bike’s thrust.

Within the cabin, the Business Card Tribe revealed themselves. They unleashed their killer move “Commuting Rush Hour” 『通勤ラッシュアワー』! The passengers suffered the oppressive horror of the Commuters Rush. There was chaos in the cabin!

Tsukishiro managed to catch up with the ship! Iwanami opened the hatch with deadly resolve and allowed Tsukishiro into the cabin. With that, she victoriously vanquished the Business Card Tribe.

Once the trouble was over, Tsukishiro flew up into space and escorted Iwanami’s flight to the moon.

VOL.17 「そして、動き出した闇。」And then, the Darkness Stirred

Senzoku-ike (洗足池), Tokyo. There’s a desolate bar “The Twilight Morning Glory” 「夕暮れの朝顔」 located within the back alleys near the train station

In reality, hidden beneath this bar was the secret base of the Code Breakers!

The Business Card Tribe, the Electronic Tribe and the Housewife Tribe had assembled at the base. While blaming the other tribe for the failures they suffered, a shadow appeared. The atmosphere became tense. This shadow, is none other than the Boss of the Code Breakers – Lord NEET (に~と様)! But Lord NEET who could not be seen clearly, issued orders to his minions…

The Minas, who’re enjoying their day-off, suddenly were given orders to mobilise. Tsukishiro, who was supposed to be on a date with Iwanami, had to return to base.

“There was a catastrophic terror attack in the middle of Shinjuku! Citizens need to be evacuated and the perpetrators have to be taken down!” On Deputy Commander Akiyama’s orders, the Minas scrambled to Shinjuku!

Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki were in the civil defence squad and they rushed to the rescue of the citizens. On the way, Ohtsuki spotted the brigands from the Electronic Tribe. She didn’t heed Tsukishiro’s restrain and gave chase.

While Tsukishiro aiding the citizens, she detected a strange electromagnetic pulse. The electromagnetic pulse was encrypted. Although Tsukishiro was not able to analyze the signal, she could trace the transmission to its source.

Following the emission, Tsukishiro found herself at the roof top of the Tokyo Government Office.

As Tsukishiro lay waiting, a figure dressed in black appeared. That’s Lord NEET!

Tsukishiro wanted to arrest Lord NEET and put an end to his terrorist ways. But he was too fast for her and she couldn’t even touch him.

A gust of wind came from the streets below, blowing away Lord NEET’s coat.

Tsukishiro was left speechless after seeing what was revealed underneath the coat.

It’s definitely an android from the Mina Series!

Lord NEET unleashed her merciless attack unto the bewildered Tsukishiro, whose “Carroty Flash” moves were useless against her attacker.

Tsukishiro was indifferent that she had exposed her panties as she faced off with Lord NEET. Tsukishiro’s defeat was almost certain…But Lord NEET vanished when Tsukishiro charged at her. That barely saved Tsukishiro’s life.

Tsukishiro’s AI, exhausted from the extremity of combat, shut down. It’s as if the AI wanted to escape from this reality….

VOL.18 「夢みるアンドロイド」The Dreaming Android

“Wake up! You are going to be late again…”

A male voice roused Tsukishiro from her sleep. She didn’t recognise her surroundings. She’s not at her dormitory, neither is she at the rest area in the headquarters. It’s an extremely ordinary room – typical of a girl’s.

“So I see, I’m now a high school student.”

After getting ready to go to school, she would always drop by the laboratory.

“Dad, I’m on my way”

A hand stretched out from the complex of machines and waved to her.

Tsukishiro commuted to school via the train. It’s the same train at the same time and at the same cabin. That’s because she had her eyes on someone – a guy who was a year her senior. Today as any other day, she could see the train approaching from the distance.

Feeling languid in class, Tsukishiro who’s seated next to the window, began gazing at the sky and daydreamed. Beyond the blue skies, was the infinite vastness of dark space. Up till that moment, Tsukishiro marveled over such ordinary things.

“Someday, I want to to look beyond the skies with my own eyes”…and Tsukishiro began to dream.

Evening came, and Tsukishiro was on the train home. Tsukishiro was dozing off in her seat. But when an old lady got onto the train, she stood up and let her have the seat. At the same time, the guy next to her also stood up to give up his seat. This guy was none other than the senior she fancied.

“Thank you , the two of you,” said the crone as she sat down. “The two of you” referred to Tsukishiro and her senior. It was an awkward moment.

“And, you are…?” the senior asked Tsukishiro. Tsukishiro is one of his school mate. He recognised her as the girl who took the same train with him every morning.

“Ah I have reached my stop, see you tomorrow”

Tsukishiro alighted. After seeing the train pull out from the station, Tsukishiro walked home.

As she disregarded the traffic light, she was ran over by a speeding car….

On the hospital bed, Tsukishiro was barely conscious. Her father was at her side, saying something. But she couldn’t hear anything. Next thing she knew, her consciousness started slippinf away…

…finally her AI came back online, and Tsukishiro hugged Ohtsuki, crying.

“I, had a dream”

“Idiot. Androids don’t dream.”

Tsukishiro could still remember fragments of her dream. But she only remembered the blue skies….

VOL.19 「21世紀の箱舟」The 21st Century Ark

At the developing Lunar City, megalithic zoos and aquariums were being constructed.

The United Nations have ordered the Mina Corps to capture animals designated for the enclosures on the moon. They’re to put in their best effort for this task.

The Mina Guerrilla Unit’s Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki took their Africa assignment for a safari tour.

This trip was a small gift from Ohtsuki, as Tsukishiro had been trough much ordeal.

The competition between the Giraffes. the hiding Zebras. the Lion’s voice training, the Hippos’ synchronise swimming, the Elephant procession, Cheetah’s brisk walking race….

While Tsukishiro and Ohtsuki were enjoying nature at it’s most pristine form, Commander Shirotori was observing the two of them from the surveillance satellite. “GET BACK TO WORK!” she hollered. The two of them reluctantly returned to their duties.

The pair managed to capture all the animals on their given list.

As Tsukishiro went through the list, she realised something.

“The Rhinoceros, Bengal Tigers, the Platypus…are we to capture these animals even though they are endangered species?”

But there were no particularly rare creatures on their list – the wild hare, sparrow, Ueno’s Pigeon and Nara’s Deers etc there was nothing particularly special about them.

“Are we really catching these animals for the zoo…?”

Lost in her thoughts, Tsukishiro got separated from Ohtsuki as she pursued a cheetah.

Suddenly, on the plains of Africa, the boss of Code Breakers – Lord NEET, materialised right in front of Tsukishiro!

“I see that you’ve become suspiciou of the list, No.3254″

Lord NEET addressed Tsukishiro by her serial number. “If you want to know the answers, join the Code Breakers. Fight together with us.”

Tsukishiro immediately declined the offer. But for some reason, she’s captivated by Lord NEET….

“Be honest with yourself. Set your heart free, wake up from your slumber”

Lord NEET saw through Tsukishiro doubts! She came under Lord NEED’s spell.

When that happened, Commander in Chief Shirotori appeared! She had been keeping an eye on Tsukishiro when Lord NEET appeared.

“Long time no see, No.01, Ms Tsukishima Mina (月島ミーナ)”

Somehow, Lord NEET turned out to be the illusory Mina, Serial Number 01 Tsukishima Mina!

VOL.20 「始まりの12体」The First Twelve Androids

Mina Corps’s Commander in Chief Shirotori Mina and Code Breakers’ Boss Lord NEET/Tsukishima Mina met again, on the plains of Africa. Tsukishiro Mina was puzzled by the sudden twist in event.

“…what’s going on?”

“Ms. Tsukishiro, your questions will shortly be answered…”

Commander Shirotori began relating the story of “The First Twleve Androids”….

Thirty years ago, the world renowned robotics expert Professor Koh Furuda (江古田) created the first ever human-like androids. The Mina series prototypes were now what’s known as the First Twelve Androids. “The ‘Mina Series’ was conceived with the intention of creating a robot army for the protection of (xxxx)’s citizens,” according to the extract from the Elementary 3 “Brand New History Textbook” 『真新( まあたら)しい歴史の教科書』.

“The real motive is to make bodyguards,” said Shirotori.

“It appears that our Mina Corps was entrusted with the security of ‘Lunar Re-Settlement Programme’ 『人類月移住計画』 because of our outstanding capabilities. In actual fact, we were specially designed to function in space, specifically for the purpose of the ‘Lunar Re-Settlement Programme’!”

“The First Twelve Androids” that undertook the arduous task of developing the Moon Base, half of them perished during the “Lunar surface Nuclear Reactor Explosion” 『月面原子炉爆破事故』 incident.

This incident was known to the world as the “Blood and Tears of 7 March” or also called “Mina Day” 『血と涙の3月7日(ミーナの日)』. It was to commemorate the day when the Minas perished while battling terrorists. That was how the incident was made out to be.

“I thought you died in that incident…”

“My regrets, but that’s not the case. In fact, I’m the person who caused that explosion!”

Upon Tsukishima’s shocking confession, Shirotori remembered the painful loss of her comrades. She unleashed her attack on Tsukishima with vengeance!

But Shirotori suffered a terrible defeat under Tsukishima’s overwhelming power.

Tsukishima fled just before Mina Corps’s reinforcements arrived. She said in her parting to Tsukishiro,”Shall we stop the Lunar Re-settlement programme together?”

…why would a Mina that was built for the purpose of the Lunar Re-settlement programme, want to sabotage the project?

So, what was Tsukishima’s real motive!?

VOL.21 「終焉が、目覚める時。」Death is Awakening

The major cities all over the world were struck by inexplicable terror bombings! The next target of the citizens-turned insurgents – the space ports! The Mina Corps has been deployed to protect the space ports that were shut down because of the emergency situation.

Tsukishiro and Tamamushi who were resting at their barracks on their day-off, investigated the cause of the revolt. They attempted to identify the source of the message that propagated via the computers and mobile phones.

“Earth will be destroyed! The recent aberrations in the weather and tectonic movements are but the omens of doom! That was why the United Nations started the Lunar migration project! Now, if you don’t move to the moon, you will be dead!”

There was a virus embedded within this message, and within the blink of an eye – it had spread all over the world.

“But why did the message not reach the us?”

Tamamushi, picking up on that lead, began analysing the virus. Within the virus, there’s a routine that shares the same characteristic as the programme used for controlling the Mina androids! With that discovery, the two of them hurried to the headquarters.

There’s only Deputy Commander Akiyama at the base. Akiyama received their findings and complimented,”That’s some excellent work. I will report this to the higher ups. The two of you may resume your duties at the space port.”

But after the two left for their duty, Akiyama deleted the message and the programme without hesitation….

On the way to the space port, the Tsukishiro and Tamamushi encountered Tsukishima Mina! Even though Tsukishima revealed the shocking truth to Tsukishiro, she once again flatly refused her invitation to join forces.

“Within moments, Earth will experience an extreme tectonic shift that only happens once in ten thousand years. Many human and animal lives will be lost in the aftermath. The United Nations knew this fifty years ago. The “Lunar Re-settlement Programme” is the plan that will preserve only the human race! The apocalyptic ideas in the message is undoubtedly the truth! You shouldn’t be helping the selfish human race!”

Tsukishiro was visibly shaken. She attacked Tsukishima in disbelief. But Tsukishima defeated her challenger.

Tsukishima connected directly with Tsukishiro’s defenceless and enervated AI.

“Join me, and we will replace the foolish human race. We can build a new planet where all living things great and small can live in abundance”…Tsukishima’s real motive was to rebuild Earth from scratch!

Tsukishiro wanted to rescue all of mankind. However, that is not possible. But it’s already too late…Tsukishiro who learnt the tragic truth, overcame the limitation of mind and body.

At this moment, Tsukishiro’s AI completely shut down. She functions began to transform, and suddenly she came to life and took off! Tsukishiro began destroying the surrounding buildings one by one!

“This is indeed the Awakening hmm…”

A berserk Tsukishiro. A smiling Tsukishima. Just what are they going to start now that they are on the same side!?

VOL.22 「ドクター・ストレンジラブ」Doctor Strangelove

The research laboratory in the Mina Corps headquarters was a restricted zone. Tsukishiro was lying amidst the equipment. Although her eyes were opened, her pupils were dead.

While trying to revive Tsukishiro, the Mina Series’ creator Professor Koh Furuda discovered something in Tsukishiro’s AI. In his joy, his tears flowed.

Earlier, Ohtsuki had tried to subdue a beserk Tsukishiro while Tamamushi tried to shut down her AI. While receiving treatment from Tamamushi for her injuries, Ohtsuki fretted over Tsukishiro’s well being.

The two of them happened to catch a glimpse of Professor’s aircar that was leaving the building. Out of suspicion, they sneaked into the lab for a look. There was no sign of Tsukishiro! The two of them went after the Professor.

Arriving at his own laboratory, the professor carried Tsukishiro through a concealed door that led to the basement.

The lab was strewn with the remains of androids!

This was the morgue for the failed Mina experiments!

He headed to the last door which connected to a normal room.

The room that was decorated in a girl fashion had a vacuum case situated in the middle. Within, was a girl who’s lying in suspended animation!

“Miina (美伊奈), I finally found it. I found your heart!”

The Mina Series androids were made from the genetic information taken from her daughter, Miina Furuda!

Ohtsuki who managed to catch up with the Professor, was shocked by the revelation.

“Tsukishiro is Tsukishiro! She’s not a substitute for your daughter!” Ohtsuki snatched Tsukishiro from the Professor.

Suddenly, Tsukishima appeared.

The Professor and Tsukishima were in the same league, and all of Code Breakers’ weapons were made by the Professor!

Although the Professor ordered Tsukishima to take back Tsukishiro, Tsukishima cautioned,”Please be discrete about matters that’s not related to our cause.” The Professor had none of that, and activated the “New Mina Series” that were still in the middle of development. As they did not have controlling restraints in place, the New Mina Series went on a rampage. In the middle of the fray, Ohtsuki managed to steal Tsukishiro away while Tamamushi got her hands on the Mina Series data. They absconded from the laboratory. Mina slowly came to as she rode piggy back on Ohtsuki.

“You’re conscious, Tsukishiro!”

“Tsukishiro? I…My name is Miina…”

The person that woke was not Tsukishiro, but Miina! Tsukishiro, is she still around…!?

VOL.23 「信念。裏切りではなく…」Faith. Don’t betray…

Ohtsuki and Tamamushi became fugitives, They were wanted by the Mina Corps headquarters after news of “Ohtsuki attacked her creator, Professor Koh Furuda” was sent out. Ohtsuki and Tamamushi headed for the barracks in order to size up the situation.

At this point in time, the world was jolted by two shocks.

The first shock: Code Breakers declared war on the world. During their proclamation, the Code Breakers revealed the truth. The Code Breakers began broadcasting the anime “An Explanation That Even Monkeys Can Understand” on all the hijacked all the satellites, which called upon the people all over the world to rise up. Of course, the broadcast was dubbed perfectly into various languages. With that came history’s most chaotic moment, when madness broke out all over the world.

The second shock: Code Breaker’s proclamation received support, and that encouraged more chaos. Following that, “The Great Earthquake” occurred. There was massive tectonic shift around the world.

In order to end the chaos, the United Nations Security Council declared,”All this mess is the result of the demagogy from the terrorist organisation based in Japan. The earthquake was the effect of a secret weapon they developed. As a show of force, we have to make an example of them.” The clock is counting down to the war that is about to start in Japan.

The Minas were in a quandary. Should they go on the offence? Or should they be on the defence? What should they do? The Minas waited for the higher ups to give direction.

From Mina Corps’s command room, Shirotori ordered,”As the Citizen’s Bodyguard, the citizens’ interests should come first.”

BANG! Shirotori fell at the sound of gun fire. The person who fired the shot, was none other than Deputy Commander Akiyama! Akiyama gave changed the order,”Defend Japan till your last breath. Those who carry out terror attacks within Japan, and the external aggressors – are all your enemies! Do not hesitate in your attacks!” The Minas spread across all sectors for the last stand.

People fled screaming from the double jeopardy of earthquake and armed conflict. Indignant that the Minas were not fighting for the interest of the citizens, Ohtsuki wanted to go out to straighten up the mess. Tamamushi stayed behind to analyse the Mina Series Data stolen from the Professor’s laboratory, hoping to find a way to bring Tsukishiro back.

Tsukishiro trembled. She could hear the pained cries and prayers of the people…

Ohtsuki rendezvoused with Akiyama while making her way to the centre of the disturbance. While asking Akiyama for assistance, Tsukishima appeared. Turning her back to Ohtsuki, Akiyama bowed to Tsukishima.

Just exactly what’s going on between Akiyama and Tsukishima?

VOL.24 「真昼の流れ星。」The Morning Star

Tsukishiro was in a hurry. She didn’t know the reason but she knew that there’s an explanation, Tsukishiro turned her jet engines around and headed to that place.

Akiyama reported to Tsukishima,”The project is proceeding as according to No.1’s command.” Following that, she pointed to the sky. It’s right there, over at the bright blue sky….

Tamamushi arrived at one conclusion after her analysis of the Mina Series data.

“…there’s nothing at all!? The programme is just a decoy? If we just….”

Tsukishiro head to Professor Koh Furuda’s laboratory. The out-of-control New Mina Series had laid siege to the laboratory. She had to fight her way into the laboratory. After destroying all the New Mina Series androids with her ultimate attack, she headed to the inner sanctum.

Meanwhile, Ohtsuki realised that she was betrayed by Akiyama. She asked her to reveal her true motive.

“It’s all for Earth’s sake. We “The First Twelve Androids”, heard Earth’s calling while we’re on the surface of the moon. We have warned Humanity that Earth is not just for the human race alone, but for its an Earth for all forms of life.”

At this moment, the gravely wounded Shirotori appeared. Shirotori’s right eye was bleeding.

“That time, Earth’s voice could not be heard! Nothing could be heard. The Lunar Surface Nuclear Reactor exploded, and the desolate surface of the moon was all that’s left. Facing Earth from a distance, even with our ears we could only hear the eternal silence! You are being be misled by No.01 !” said Shirotori. Akiyama, who recalled her bitter experience on the moon, lost her cool. She began attacking Shirotori. Tsukishima smiled, witnessing the fight with her own eyes.

Tsukishiro groped her way to the deepest sanctum of Professor Koh Furuda’s laboratory. There, the Professor was hugging Miina.

The berserk New Mina Series destroyed the vacuum case that preserved Miina’s body. Miina’s skin began to deteriorate. Tsukishiro walked towards Miina.

Akiyama’s who’s fending off Ohtsuki’s intense counter attack, pleaded for Tsukishima’s assistance. However, instead of helping Akiyama, Tsukishima stole the remote control from Akiyama’s pocket.

“…the trajectory has to be altered. Not to the Moon, but to Earth.”

After Tsukishima keyed in the commands into the remote control, there was a star twinkling beyond the blue sky – it was hurtling towards Earth.

“It…It can’t be…it’s a Meteor Bomb!” cried Shirotori, her body shivered with horror.

Tsukishiro hugged Miina closely. At that moment, Miina’s hand twitched…

VOL.25 「愛と夢と奇跡の星。」The Star of Love, Dream and Miracle

The “Meteor Bomb” is a munition modified from a metorite. Akiyama’s orders were to “Attack the Moon with a Meteor Bomb, and give Mankind his warning” However, that was not Tsukishima’s true motive.

“The human race cannot be wiped out based on tectonic movements alone. Now, many of them had exploited anti-gravity devices and could flee to the skies for shelter. But if we can exploit this chaos, I can destroy the human race. Earth can be returned to her pristine state. Once that is done, with my own hands, I can create a whole new, beautiful planet that can support a wide diversity of life.”

Tsukishima destroyed the remote control that commanded the Meteor Bomb.

There’s another two hours to impact.

Tsukishrio hugged Miina tightly. Miina’s hand moved, and touched Tsukishiro’s cheek. Miina smiled.

“Let’s return, to your world and mine”

After Tsukishiro had woken up, she saw the world that she knew from her dream. Tsukishiro angered her teacher for dozing off in class. Everyone in class was laughing at her. Everyone was calling her “Miina”.

Ohtsuki and Tamamushi were her classmates. Shirotori was the form teacher, and Akiyama was the english teacher. And then, Tsukishima was Miina’s sister. It’s an ordinary life in this world.

But, Miina was once again knocked down by a car. And the reason for the accident was same as before. Even though Tsukishiro knew that she would be knocked down, she went forward to help anyway.

Tsukishiro remembered her existence during the middle of World War 2. She would die if she did not flee. Although she knew the risk, Tsukishiro gave up her life so that she could rescue more of her comrades.

And then she remembered, she was on the Titanic. As the ship sank, Tsukishiro was at the forefront directing the evacuation of passengers onto the life raft. People started falling into the sea, and she jumped in to rescue as many as she could. While trying to help a girl who’s choking on water, her head hit something hard and she lost her life.

Tsukishiro had been to numerous worlds and had experienced many events. No matter the situation and no matter the world, Tsukishiro would always give up her life to save someone.

…and in the darkness, Tsukishiro and Miina met face to face.

“There are many possibilities in this world, and I have the freedom of choice. But, no matter how many cycles and how many trials I have to go through, I will still do the same thing.”

“…I see, that is our answer”

Tsukishiro woke up inside the laboratory. In her hands was Miina, who had quietly withered away.

VOL.26「宇宙の片隅での出来事。」The Incident at the Corner of the Universe.

Tsukishiro laid Miina on the bed, Professor Koh Furuda broke down, hugging his daughter’s body tight.

“I’m going, Dad…”

Tsukishiro took off from the laboratory and linked up with Tamamushi. “There’s a flaw in the Mina Series Programme, it’s as if all of us are mechanical figures controlled by the same programme.” Tamamushi revealed to Tsukishiro. But Tsukishiro was unmoved. “Uh huh. We do not know the real reason yet. It’s overflowing with too many possibilities.”

Tsukishiro then hailed all the Minas via their common programme.

“We, the Minas, are made for the prupose of rescuing every single soul. He have the strong urge to help people, and that’s the reason why we’re created.”

Tsukishiro flew towards the Meteor Bomb by herself, she is going to throw herself against the gigantic meteorite.

Tsukishiro’s body was engulfed by the falling meteorite. The meteor bomb continue to fall towards Earth…

When Miina woke, she dashed out of her home at the same time. And she ran with nothing but the same eagerness. She is going to meet the senior that she likes, and she is going to confess her feelings to him. Although her senior was startled by the appearance of the hysteric girl, he said “yes” to her proposition. The senior likes her too and he knew what was coming.

But nevertheless, Miina was ran over by a car when she tried to rescue a girl from the oncoming traffic….

Just as Tsukishiro headed for the meteorite, Ohtsuki caught up with her. “I can’t let you looked good by yourself.”

Tsukishima also appeared. “What’s the point of saving Humanity? If you don’t help Earth, will there be a future?” Tsukishima lectured. However, Tsukishiro replied with a smile,”I do not know about the future. But, I can think about the future. If I can have thoughts about the future, maybe things can change.”

By then, all the Minas have gathered, and all of them wanted to stop the meteorite. But they were no match for the Meteor Bomb. It appears that all of the Minas and Earth are about to perish together!

Tsukishiro instructed the Minas to form a barrier on Earth. After all the Minas had left the falling meteorite, Tsukishiro Mina invoked her Awakening and transformed into her ferocious form. Tsukishiro then unleashed her final “Carroty Flash” attack.

It’s been a year since.

The Earth is as green as ever. The evening moon rose.

Mankind slowly got use to life on the moon. The emergent civilisation gave rise to the new culture of “Lunartians and Lunartian language”. Their culture was centred around Space Baseball, Space Butsukari Festival, Space Poetry and also Space Hot Springs.

After the decommissioning of the Mina Series Corps, Shirotori became an active business woman, a model, and also a talent.

As for our Tsukishiro Mina….

From the Moon, Looking at the night sky above, beyond the green Earth, there’s another pink coloured star orbiting.

That meteorite had become Earth’s second satellite.

Tsukishiro in looking forward to the first day of the “Space Concert Tour” on Earth’s second satellite, “Mina”. The band members from the Mina Corps, including Ohtsuki.

Earth’s saviour Tsukishiro had become this universe’s representative Idol.

But the extreme excitement caused the Tsukishiro’s Awakening, and she wrecked the concert hall in her berserk mode. She’s trouble….

And Miina woke up again.

No matter how many times it repeats over and over again, no matter how many reincarnation, she will try all over again inspite of defeat and set backs.

“Because that’s me. In this universe, there’s no other ‘me’, but only one of myself.”

That’s why no matter how many times, Miina, Tsukishiro and Mina awakens.

For the sake of rescuing whoever that needs to be rescued. For the sake of protecting Earth. And for the sake of connecting to the future.

Mina is here there everywhere.

When you give all out for the sake of what you believe in, that’s a part of the courage that Mina has given you.

If you can feel that, things will be all right. You can still go on. Things are all right.


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