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The Fool shows a child or youth, while the Magician depicts an all powerful adept. Just as the Fool showed us the price of eternal innocence, so this Magician gives us the fearsomeness of taking on responsibility. If the Major Arcana represents the Fool’s journey, the Magician is the first thing the Fool encounters.


End of File

by: 0ne


  1. sara ann k Says:
  2. Hi there, could you get in touch w me asap?! Was hoping to get some filming down for RazorTV regarding Otaku’s, and shops w the name Otaku in Sg. Thanks!! Sara ann K- RazorTV

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  4. Hi! i would like to ask if what blogging platform you are using, I believe this is not wordpress but some other japanese blogging platforms like hatena and livedoor. Can you please contact me if possible through this email address that i provided? Thanks!

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  6. ruffles was here

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