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by: 0ne

殺很大” is a recent cultural meme in Taiwan, made popular by the TV advertisement for the MMORPG “殺Online

殺 Online 仇人篇

That’s because the commercial featured the busty Taiwanese idol 瑤瑤 (Yaoyao, which also alludes to ’shake shake’). 殺很大 (SHA HEN DA) is now a popular catch phrase, to describe stuff (especially boobs) of incredible size.

殺 Online Hokkien advertisement>

Yaoyao is somewhat of a geek idol like Shoko-tan (an idoru worshipped by Taiwanese otakus), because other than her pixie face and illegally huge F-cup bust, she hosts a computer games TV show “數位遊戲王” (Game King). She’s even compared to the gravure idol Aki Hoshino.

“Yaoyao jiggles F-cup breast, titillating geeks”

Yaoyao is really 殺很大 of Taiwanese Moé!!!

Check out the 殺很大 parody on the Taiwan political talk show 全民最大黨


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