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The Fool shows a child or youth, while the Magician depicts an all powerful adept. Just as the Fool showed us the price of eternal innocence, so this Magician gives us the fearsomeness of taking on responsibility. If the Major Arcana represents the Fool’s journey, the Magician is the first thing the Fool encounters.

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Back in 2005, Tsuyoshi Yamada (山田 剛司), the drama incarnation of Densha Otoko 『電車男』 entertained Japanese viewers and Otakus world wide with his nerdy antics. Yamada and his Otaku buddies Shinji Kawamoto (川本信二) and Yusaku Matsunaga (松永勇作) professed their Otaku-ness through their worship of the rabbit-eared anime heroine Tsukishiro Mina (月城ミーナ)

Mina figurine in Yamada’s Otaku [...]